Here at The Project Bench we can provide proven expert interim professionals to businesses transforming any of these three areas:

  • People;
  • Processes or;
  • Systems

Having the right resource in your project team or programme can mean the difference between successfully achieving your change project on time and to budget; and losing more precious time, money and effort because you’ve not built the right foundations, delivered the right message or invested in the right people.

All of The Project Bench interims are purposeful interims and by that we mean they have made informed career choices to become professional interims and have their own limited companies – they don’t happen to be immediately available – they are technical experts in their field and they work solely on an interim basis not as permanent employees.

We ensure all of interims can do what they say they can do by doing our homework – we don’t just take references, we take references on the references – we like to call it networking! Most of the time our interims have worked with us before and so we know what they can deliver – and we’ve spent nearly 20 years as recruitment specialists meeting professional interims, meaning we can quickly determine ‘what good looks like’.

We help shape the brief with a free consultation.  Either with a subject matter expert or just with us dependant on how far you are into your project thinking.  We understand Change Projects and so give you our advice and opinions based on what we’ve seen work (or not) in other businesses. We’ll also tell you when we think you’re out of kilter with the market on your expectations around rates, project assignment briefs, or methodology.

Our customers come to us for reassurance and so we mitigate risk by conducting thorough interviews of all prospective interims and only invest in the very best and experienced recruitment consultants in the market who can spot a good interim from a chancer. Once we’ve identified the right professional for your programme or project, we provide your resource on a flexible basis – meaning you pay for the time and work that you receive on a daily rate basis.

If you are implementing a new change programme or project and want to speak to a member of the team, please contact –


"We ensure all our interims can do what they say they can do by doing our homework"