Professional Interims

The Project Bench supports Senior Professional Interims that have expertise in change projects and programmes specifically across changes in:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Systems

As a professional interim you can expect us to conduct a full face to face interview with you, which is a great opportunity for us to get to know one another.  We will go into detail about the projects you have been involved in – probing around the deliverables and the business impacts of your involvement.

We will give you direct feedback on where we feel you are positioned in the market place against your peers (feel free to do the same for us – in fact we actively encourage it).  If we don’t think we can help you – we will tell you honestly there and then – and give you some feedback to help you achieve your ambitions in the long term.

The Project Bench will work with you to build the right achievement based profile to represent you in the market place.  CV’s don’t really work for interim – the businesses we work with need to know what your specialism is, what change you’ve effected and what they can expect from having your expertise in their business.  They don’t need a chronological CV to see this.

The Project Bench invest a lot of time and effort in getting to know you, what you want, like, don’t want, dislike, who you are, what drives you, what values do you hold dear, what’s most important to you?  We want to make sure we make the right call for you and for the businesses we are supporting – we want you to feel at home with any business you support and getting that wrong doesn’t help anyone and we want you to keep enjoying what you do.

We do expect it back too though – we want to work in partnership with you and we need you to keep in touch with us too.  The biggest bugbear any candidates have about recruiters is that they don’t call you back, but this is a two way stream and we need you to keep us in the loop too.  We can’t speak for everyone but at The Project Bench, once we’ve agreed we want to work together, we promise to do our best to find you a juicy exciting project with an awesome business, we promise to give you feedback on your profile and how to better it and your opportunities, we promise we’ll help you set up your business, we promise to negotiate to get you the best deal and your market worth, and we promise to uncover interim needs that the rest of market doesn’t see.

In return once you’ve signed up with us – we don’t need your exclusivity – we wouldn’t ever want to limit your opportunities and we’re not going to have every interim role going – we just ask that you keep in touch and let us know if you’re off the bench and in an assignment.  We’ll still want to keep connected and help you in the future.

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Professional Interims

"The Project Bench is reserved for the impactful players who can make a difference to the interim market and start to set the record straight on what a professional interim can deliver"